Hello, I’m Randy Tyree …

… and I want to be your Knox County sheriff.

First, a big thank you to Georgiana Vines and the News Sentinel for the news column today about our headquarters and this blog.

Click here and scroll down:


The page views spiked today and that’s the point of a blog – to let voters hear directly from me.

My opponent seems to think there is too much anonymity in blogs. That may be true, but that’s a baffling remark to make about this one. I sign my name to it and my name is splashed across the top of the blog.

I’ll even insert a photo.

That's me, Randy Tyree

That's me, Randy Tyree

Hmmm … I look a little bewildered in that photo that anyone could think my blog was anonymous.

Here’s one of me actually looking at the camera with my name on my Tennessee State Guard uniform.

That's me again but smiling

That's me again but smiling

My website is linked on the right side of the page, along with other relevant sites for readers.

You can call the headquarters, 675-4628, or email me directly at randy@tyreeforsheriff.com

Edited addition July 14: Thank you to KnoxViews for the web plug: (scroll down to Knox election updates)


And thank you to Sandra Clark at the Shopper-News for mentioning this blog:


And, remember, this time you decide!

Randy, the non-anonymous blogger


4 Responses to “Hello, I’m Randy Tyree …”

  1. Registered Yellowdog Says:

    Blogs are good at keeping people up to date and touching base with your constituents. I just called JJ’s number like he said and it went straight to voice mail. I guess you have to be a developer instead of a lowly voter to get through to JJ.

  2. Big Developer Says:

    Hey, us big developers are voters, too. We just happen to have an extra few $thousand lying around to buy up all the County Commission votes we need to ram our stuff through. You’re just jealous because we own JJ, Ballard, and Shouse now.

  3. jrswife Says:

    Randy – Thanks for providing this blog. It is a refreshing change to the current administration who doesn’t seem to care what the people want or think in Knox County and furthermore don’t want to hear from them. You’ve got my vote and support!

  4. j wilson Says:

    i was a police officer with randy. in the 1970s when he marrid his wife pat.he was an honest working man and a gentelman then and thru the years i heard nothing difference. operation aquarius..was the name of the undercover oper. weeded out several big dealers.randy was the lead man…

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