Politics, not as usual

That is the underpinning of my campaign. Let’s do things differently.

I am definitely different. Some officeholders apparently think I am a relic, without coming out and saying such.

The Knox County attorney general had this to say in the paper Saturday:

“It’s been day and night since he’s been there. … I like the mayor. He’s been a friend of mine. He’s not right for the job at this time.”

I beg to differ. I strenuously object. But not too strenuously. Don’t want to pull anything.

The full column by Georgiana Vines is here:


Jim Andrews is, in my opinion, being politically expedient. Politics as usual. The politics of the past.

I want to represent the politics of the future. And in that vision a lifelong Tennessean with a history of public service, law enforcement and private work as an attorney is an ideal candidate for sheriff.

I am actually encouraged by comments such as those in the column today. It means they’re worried enough about my candidacy to try to discredit me as too old.

I am 68 years young. In what parallel universe is that washed up?

The politics of the past.

Let’s clean up come Aug. 7. A vote for me is a vote for the future.

And, remember, this time you decide!

Thank goodness.



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