The revolution continues

The News Sentinel’s editorial decision to endorse my opponent was disappointing and a bit perplexing.

The paper led the court fight at considerable expense to force sunshine into an event now known to voters as “Black Wednesday” when appointments to public office were made in backroom deals.

But although I was hoping for the paper’s endorsement I do respect the significant role the News Sentinel played in reversing the political shenanigans of “Black Wednesday.”

The paper should be and has been applauded for taking the reins and restoring order to what was a dastardly process that led to political appointments and a gross violation of the public’s trust.

A free press, and the freedom to endorse political candidates, are a bedrock of our country. Although I wanted to receive the paper’s endorsement I respect its right to make decisions about political campaigns.

The endorsement said: “(J.J.) Jones and (Randy) Tyree are confident; both are capable, and both say they want to take politics out of the Sheriff’s Office. As long as it is an elected office, it will be a political office, but whoever holds the position should take steps to see that politics never outweighs public safety.”

The full text is here:

It was not necessarily a popular decision as you can read in the comments under the editorial and also here:

Politics should never govern the sheriff’s office, and, if elected, I can assure every employee and the citizens of Knox County that it will not.

Confident and capable sum up my campaign. I am happy the paper recognized my competence to hold this office.

I do believe I am the right choice.

And, remember, this time YOU decide!




3 Responses to “The revolution continues”

  1. Michael Butler Says:

    Randy —

    Keep fighting. Knoxville needs you. You know the city and county better than anyone. You should be Sheriff. In their heart, most Knoxvillians know that. Don’t let polls discourage you. Obama didn’t get a bounce out of Berlin in the polls, but I believe the 200,000 people in square will be a significant factor in his election. Thanks for all you do for Knoxville and Knox County.

    Michael Butler

  2. T Russell Says:

    Hello, sir.
    Last year I spoke with yoiu after a town meeting, expressing my concern over statements you had made about people in law enforcement being a different class, and that you just seemed too politically slick.
    None-the-less, I was disappointed to hear that you had “withdrawn.” After seeing the blatant disregard for the law displayed by the then incumbent, his deputy, and then himself as incumbent again, I regret my initial thinking.
    I guess I didn’t realize what politicking was.
    You have my vote this election, I might even put up a sign or two.
    Thank you,

  3. Me Says:

    I hope you are factoring Farragut in, Randy. That’s where this election is always won and lost. Hutch will pull out all the stops in the coming weeks, calling in old markers, and making Howdy Dood – er, Jimmy, go pull a Look-at-me-I-am-a-field-Sheriff stunt.

    Best wishes, because not all of us here are snowed by the blizzard upstairs.

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