If you have to tell us …

 … that means you’re not.

My opponent keeps pointing out that he’s his own man. I don’t buy it.

(Though apparently a lot of contributors are willing to pay considerable sums to keep him in office for their benefit.



J.J. Jones hugs Tim Hutchison


Pair.jpg picture by photosrus_070

Those two photos don’t depict someone who is his own man. They show a man beholden to the former sheriff.

The same sheriff, Tim Hutchison, whom J.J. Jones had this to say about:

“A paranoid, selfish, power-crazed tyrant.”

So said J.J. Jones about Hutchison, his former boss, when Jones left the department in 1999. (Knoxville News-Sentinel, Aug. 26, 1999.)

Jump ahead to 2005 and Jones returns with the words, “I’m going back to work for a good man.” (Knoxville News-Sentinel, June 17, 2005.)

Confused? Don’t be.

That “good man” later helped to get Jones appointed sheriff in 2007 as they morphed into one man.

Jones authorized a change in Hutchison’s payroll status, so as to boost his pension by an additional $80,000 a year after Hutchison was finally tossed by term limits. The successor was hand-selected in a meeting that broke the law.

“Black Wednesday.” Jan. 31, 2007. The day Knox County’s voters were rendered powerless by the self-anointed powers that be hell-bent on holding onto that power.


It’s a tale of two sheriffs. And a nightmare for Knox County.

Then, we have the man who would be sheriff. That would be me, Randy Tyree.

Randy and Mary Pat Tyree

Randy and Mary Pat Tyree

And just so we’re clear on one thing: That is my first and only wife. We have four grown children and remain eternally devoted. Yes, I out-kicked my coverage. It’s a Southern tradition.

(This is a state where 2 + 2 = third and six.)

(Edit: That’s in keeping with the football theme – sorry for any confusion – and the fact it’s almost kickoff time! My “handlers” told me to crack jokes in my blog. That’s the best I could do. 🙂 )

I am native of this state. A graduate of Tennessee. Law enforcement experience at local, state and federal levels. A former Mayor and Marine veteran and community voice and advocate, husband and father, lawyer and leader.

I tried to save us from the nightmare in 2006. Despite being outspent 10-1 by Tim Hutchison, I lost by a 52-47 percent margin and put election night fright in the man who thought himself above the law.

I could have sought the sheriff’s appointment last year. But I saw the political shenanigans and withdrew from the tainted process.

I prefer to win it with the ballot. That is what the voters expect. That is what the voters deserve.

I have no ambitions to be a political czar. We’ve had enough of that for 16 years.

The power belongs to the people, not those who try desperately to hold onto it.

I will appear Sunday on “Tennessee This Week” at noon and sent the following press release to the media:

Randy Tyree, the Democratic candidate for Knox County sheriff, will appear Sunday on “Tennessee This Week” with Gene Patterson of WATE-Channel 6. The shows airs at noon Sunday, Aug. 3.

Tyree outlines his qualification for the position of sheriff and notes that his opponent, interim sheriff J.J. Jones, piggybacked onto the empire built by Tim Hutchison, the man responsible for ushering Jones into office on “Black Wednesday.”

In other news from the Tyree Campaign, Tyree heard Friday from Gary Hall, the director of the Merit System Council. Hall explained that a hearing likely could not be held on Tyree’s complaint about employee photos on Jones’ campaign website before the election this coming Friday.

“I certainly understand why that would be the case,” said Tyree, who officially filed his complaint July 24. “We are in the pipeline of the issues the council must address and will wait our turn for a hearing.”

On July 17, Tyree had asked Jones to remove the photos from his site. Tyree noted that Jones took the path of passing the buck to the council rather than addressing the matter himself.

“I think it speaks to the true nature of Jones – he will pass the buck and follow orders from elsewhere,” Tyree said. “Despite what his web site says, he is not his own man.”

Tyree said the proper thing to do would have been to take down the photos of classified employees who are not permitted by council bylaws to appear in political campaigns.

Tyree alleges that Jones has violated Knox County Ordinance No. O-90-9-111, as amended, which created and established a merit system for employees of the Knox County Sheriff’s Department and the Policies and Procedures of the Knox County Sheriff’s Merit System Council and has violated, caused to be violated or permitted the violation of Section 42-64 of the Knox County Code, as well as the Policies and Procedures of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Merit System Council.

The website contains the images of some 14 employees who are protected under the Merit System and are not to appear on behalf of a political candidate while in uniform and/or on duty.

“The employees of the sheriff’s office should never be used in this manner willingly or unwillingly,” Tyree said. “It is the responsibility of the sheriff to ensure that that is not done.”

This issue has been covered by the local news media.





And, remember, this time YOU decide!


 P.S. We put out a lot more signs this week. Maybe these won’t be stolen. 🙂


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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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