Save the Hemi for the racetrack

The budget for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office is $60 million dollars annually.

That’s a lot of money – your money! My opponent has spent a lot of time attempting to call in to question whether or not I am capable of managing this budget. I believe my background and experience speak for themselves, but in the meantime, let me tell you what I won’t do as your Sheriff.

You have my commitment that I will never drive a police car that’s equipped differently from those assigned to the officers on patrol.

I don’t need a leather-trimmed interior or a 6.1 liter Hemi engine to be an effective Sheriff. “JJ” apparently doesn’t feel the same way, since he and his Chief Deputy both drive Dodge SRT8 Chargers.

Now, the SRT8 Charger is a really nice car.

It looks like this:

But do the Sheriff and his chief really need cars that cost over $38,000 each? The officers putting themselves in harm’s way manage to do their jobs very well in a $22,000 version of the same car.

“J.J.” Jones spent some $80,000 in taxpayer dollars to equip himself and his top assistant in street-legal race cars.

That’s money that could have put additional cruisers on the street, in the hands of uniformed officers, or for improving officers’ salaries.

My wife, Mary Pat, and I have been making treks throughout the county, and we keep hearing the same thing – too much money in the sheriff’s office is spent on the wrong things.

My first act if elected sheriff is to order an audit of the department and determine where money should and should NOT be spent. Extravagant cruisers for the sheriff and his chief are the FIRST place to cut costs.

Remember, this time YOU decide!



3 Responses to “Save the Hemi for the racetrack”

  1. Randy fan Says:

    Vroom, Vrooom!

  2. Randy222 Says:

    6.1L SRT HEMI® V-8
    5-Speed AutoStick® Transmission – – – – – – 425 hp
    13 city / 18 hwy*
    Great gas mileage!!!

  3. Me Says:

    I can see getting some of those for testing as a Patrol vehicle. A progressive department should never stay locked into one deal / one platform.

    But that is clearly a case of buying toys to serve no purpose other than to feather a nest.

    The cars are the tip of an iceberg. If people don’t do the right thing tonight, we will NEVER see how huge the problem is below the surface, and things will continue as always – political fast tracking of careers; ignoring real issues to put manpower on the media darlings. Rank and file getting scraps while the top heavy brass get the best of everything.

    PLEASE take a moment. GO LOOK at who is supporting whom. READ who has donated THOUSANDS of dollars to JJ’s campaign, and ask yourself one question = why? Altruism is a rarity; people often give to get. What potential benefit / conflict of interests do those companies have?



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