How low can he go?

J.J. Jones planted his feet up on a desk, smiled at the people in the room and said he now knows how it feels when Peyton Manning throws a touchdown pass.

He was talking about the 2007 arrest of a suspect in a murder case.

And the victim’s brother was waiting in the room.

An act of eye-popping self-aggrandizement by J.J. Jones.

It took a month for Kelly Burke to tell his mother, Joan Berry, about the sheriff’s boastful analogy of a sporting event to making an arrest in the murder of Johnia Berry.

Burke was staggered by the remark at a time when he was reliving the emotions and horrid details of his sister’s stabbing death in 2004.

On Tuesday, Burke and Joan Berry were at my headquarters to voluntarily endorse my campaign for sheriff. I didn’t seek their support and Joan Berry noted she is not a political person.

Her sole motive was to ensure that the next sheriff of Knox County will always avail himself of any help offered to solve crimes and won’t be rebuffed as she was by Tim Hutchison and then Jones.

Burke bristled at Jones’ notion that he would not politicize Johnia Berry’s death. Burke noted when he walked into a Food City and saw one of the thousands of posters and flyers that the family had distributed to keep the public focused on the case, he saw a large sticker affixed to the poster with Jones’ name boasting that the crime was solved.

The poster had been placed in the store by the family, not the appointed sheriff, but Jones felt the need to promote himself.

On Tuesday, Burke characterized as “asinine” Jones’ statement that he was not politicizing his sister’s death and said that Jones taking credit for the family’s efforts stopped him in his tracks that day.

This same interim sheriff had declined all outside help, including that offered by the TBI and “America’s Most Wanted.” The family believes the case could have been solved sooner had the sheriff accepted outside help. Refusing to do so was the epitome of arrogance.

Now we have arrogance from Jones to the nth degree – from reducing a murder arrest to a touchdown pass, to taking credit away from the family, to pontificating Tuesday.

J.J. Jones had this to say Tuesday:  “What’s next? This is Tyree politics as usual. I refuse to participate in the exploitation of the murder of a young woman for political gain.”

You already have done so J.J. when you compared an arrest to a touchdown pass with the grieving relative in the room in an act of shocking self-aggrandizement. When you slapped your sticker on the family’s poster of their loved one after being in office for just a short time.

And you asked what’s next from me? I ask you the same thing. I wonder how low you can go.

The News Sentinel, WATE-Channel 6, WVLT-Channel 8 and WBIR-Channel 10 have coverage with photos and video:

Remember, this time YOU decide.


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2 Responses to “How low can he go?”

  1. Dr. Chery F. Kendrick Says:

    I attended that news conference today- and I was appalled listening to the family discuss their experience with the sheriff’s department in those awful days and years- how they had to beg for help to find their daughter and sister’s killer- I gasped when Kelly Burke talked about JJ comparing his solving the murder to how Peyton Manning feels after a touchdown-

    I care deeply for my community and my neighbors and I highly respect those fine folks trying hard to do the right thing over at the sheriff’s office-
    But they need our help- they need a new leader, and that leader is Randy Tyree- We all need to help them do the job they hired on to do, to protect our community- and we can do that by taking back this office – Elect Randy Tyree Thursday.

    He is a fine man, a bright and wise man and he has the experience and abilities to lead us into the future and away from those special interest arrogant ways.

    Let’s stand up for what is right- let’s stand up for a man who is far from arrogant, who is a competent law man- who will be the kind of leader we can all be proud of- a vote for Randy Tyree is a vote for our community.

    Doc Chery

  2. Me Says:

    quote: “I refuse to participate in the exploitation of the murder of a young woman for political gain.” – JJ Jones

    *cough* timing of the break to coincide with the interim appointment *cough*

    You can’t fool everyone all of the time, Hutch.


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