THANK YOU to all voters

Thursday is Decision Day.

The early votes and absentee ballots have been cast and are waiting to be counted and the day-of-election voters will go to the polls today to make their choices for Knox County.

Thank you for letting me into your online lives via this blog for the past month.

There have been more than 3,000 page views in the 30 days that it was up and running with a one-day high of 397 “hits” yesterday. Today’s hit total is on pace to break that mark.

I have enjoyed “blogging” and now understand why it is such an effective way to reach people. It allows me to speak directly to you.

Thank you for all the feedback and comments and emails.

And thank you for your suggestions about how to be the right sheriff for Knox County.

I would very much appreciate your vote today.

Remember, this time YOU decide!


Randy and Mary Pat Tyree

The Tyrees – Randy and Mary Pat


3 Responses to “THANK YOU to all voters”

  1. Me Says:

    Randy –

    Hope you’ve cleared your dayrunner for the next couple of years… looks like you’re gonna be busy!

    GO GET EM!


  2. Doc Chery Says:

    Sitting up here in Louisville KY after working on the shelters up here today, waiting to hear some good news election results. My thoughts and love are with you, Mary Pat and the kids and all your fine workers tonight.


  3. Buck Says:

    Former Knoxvillian here….

    Good luck, Mr. Tyree! We’ve got our fingers crossed for you.

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